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Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Tap into your network of colleagues and help the Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce (LHCC) grow!


As a current LHCC member, each new member you recruit will grant you one entry into an annual chance to win the waiving of your renewal fees! The campaign will run from January to December and, at the end of the year, a credit will be given to the winner towards your next renewal anniversary.

As you recruit more members, your opportunity to win increases. A new member is considered someone who has not held membership with LHCC for the past 12 months. The referrer must be a current member at the time of the new member application to receive credit and will be disqualified if their membership lapses. To ensure you receive credit for your referral, the recruit must list your name as a referral in the "Referred By" section when submitting their membership application. Member referrals received after the application has been submitted are not eligible for the Member-Get-A-Member program. *Current Board Members are not eligible to participate.




  • Identify Best Prospects - Who in your professional network could benefit from a membership with LHCC?
  • Know the Benefits of Membership - Review the membership page for perks of membership & give your own examples! How has being a part of the LHCC benefitted your professional career?
  • Keep Membership Tools Handy - Print out applications and bring them to your next event!
  • Invite Your Prospects to Upcoming Events - Check out the LHCC Event Calendar and see what you and your prospects can get involved in!
  • Close With a Plan of Action - Walk prospects through the process of applying for membership.
  • Follow Up - Check back to see if your prospect has any questions!
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